Revolutionizing Advertising with Adwords Benefits

Adwords Benefits

Revolutionizing Advertising with Adwords Benefits

I’d read Leo Burnett’s words somewhere once that’d said, “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.” His words had got me thinking…is advertising really that important? In the digital cocoon that we live in, how many of us halt and take a pregnant look at the ads that play through our timelines? The question remains, what are the advertisers doing different that penetrates the public mind? Quite a few questions to ponder over, aren’t they?

Here’s where Google Adwords comes into play…

Adwords Benefits helps you reach your audience in an organized way. Before plunging further, let’s take a quick look at what defines Google AdWords.

Adwords is paid advertising on Google platform also known as pay per click advertising. When implemented the right way, it can do wonders for your business.

Let’s break things down for you:


  1. You search something on Google…a random search, say best restaurants around me. (We’ll talk about the location finding bit of it in another article)
  1. When the searches pop on screen, the first few right at the top are Ads.
  1. Keywords have been purchased by a specific business, in this case, a restaurant.
  1. Now, when you searched with the same keyword, it popped up right on top.
  2. After the ads are over, what you view below them are the organic searches.

Notice the stark difference? A Google Adword search surfaces only at the very top, thus giving the business a massive edge over others.

If you were not aware, an ad auction would take place every time you enter a keyword in the search box of Google. Which helps us pre-decide the campaign by keeping track of the trending keywords. Do you still believe, reaching your target customer is a tough nut to crack? This facility is helping businesses to optimize the cost of customer acquisition. Let me list few of the benefits which will give insight on the flexibility of using Adwords.

Pay per click

Why Google Adwords, is so popular? The reason is very simple because it is a result oriented service, and the charges are only applicable when someone literally clicks on the paid advertisement.

The number of clicks should give you a vague understanding on the popularity of advertisement and the keyword used.


When you want to be in business there are many variables to be taken into consideration and not just the end transaction.

Google AdWords, helps you measure the campaign, down to the basics which include, the number of clicks, number of impressions, number of conversions, conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), click through rate (CTR), cost per acquisition (CPA), etc.

This information gives you a better picture of the campaign productivity with the ease to measure your return on investment (ROI).

Streamlined Target

Do you think the keyword you have chosen is popular and niche at the same time? Well, congratulations then. Google has been giving control to the advertisers to choose the direction of the advertisement.

Targeted location: With the ease to choose the specific geographical location you want the advertisement to reach, you can select the entire country, major cities or just the location you are catering to.

Time targeting: Selecting the time frame for which you want your keyword based advertisement to be active.

Mobile Target: Mobile data consumption is on the rise which is bringing new opportunities. With customized ad text or extensions reaching out to these mobile users is made easy.

Definitely, Google Adwords can be potentially used to ease the path of customer acquisition. It is just the matter of execution that matters. I would want to quote David Ogilvy to end this section “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving”.



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