A Good Landing Page defines your Business Success. Here’s how!

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A Good Landing Page defines your Business Success. Here’s how!

We all would agree, it is easy to build a landing page, when compared to building a full-fledged website. After all, it’s just a single page, with a single goal of getting people to enter their email address or the mobile number. No bulky style guides, just tons of room for creativity.

Well, a lot more goes into designing a landing page than you might think. What ultimately matters is “conversion” , getting users to do the specific action you want them to do and how you can maximize it.


Conversion Centered Design

Marketing campaigns are based on a single purpose, and need a much more focused user experience. An experience that converts visitors into customers.


A landing page should serve a single purpose – the defined purpose of the campaign. If you start building without a clear idea of what you’re aiming for in mind, then you won’t be likely to succeed. This forms the base of a conversion centered design, a design aimed at this achieving this conversion.


In other words, it’s all about persuasion. And the rules of design change quite a bit when it comes to designing conversion centered landing pages.


Rule 1. Hold their Attention


Your whole page should intend to persuade the visitor into taking a specific action. This action could be downloading your E-Book, using your service, buying your product, or whatever your campaign aims to achieve.


And every single element should contribute to this goal. The fewer the distractions, or “leaks,” the better the results.


A landing page should, in most cases, have a 1:1 attention ratio. An attention ratio is the ratio of things the user can do to the number of things the user should do, which, for a marketing campaign, is always one.


Rule 2. Put Things in Context


There are over 800 million social media users on Instagram alone, in total there are over 2 billion people on social media. As a result, networks have become a crowded place. It’s difficult for brands to cut through the noise.


In order to differentiate your social media profiles from others, be sure to develop a clear perspective on the world and make sure that this perspective comes through in the content you share.


Rule 3. Achieve Clarity


This appears to be a fairly simple principle, but many landing pages lack this , both in their content and design.


79% of web users scan the page rather than read it. If we make the visitors struggle to find out about our offer, the conversion rates will go down. Period.


A great way to test the clarity of your design is to take the ‘Squint Test’ of the page , squint at the page or apply a Gaussian Blur to a screenshot. Do the important elements stand out? Are they enough for a correct interpretation of the service, offer, or whatever you aim at?



Your homepage may already have a form of some kind or call to action too which is great. However, your web page should be focused on serving many other purposes and functions, apart from capturing visitor information. It’s harder to advertise or target more specifically without using a landing page!


You may use your homepage to introduce or talk about your products and services, showcase your content, offer discounts, you may even want to entertain your visitors with various forms of media. These are all great things to do, but they would distract the visitor from filling out the form. Which is why landing pages are also so valuable.


Let us remind you that; a landing page is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective and directed towards a specific target audience. Normally a landing page will not include a menu, footer or sidebars that can distract the visitor; it’s a clear and simple “call to action” designed to get a conversion.


There are things you should take into consideration if you aim is to make your landing page awesome. A good landing page must be to the point and hold the hands of your visitors and show value. A poor landing page is an unappealing needless subjection of information overload. Make sure you do some research, plan and strategize before you go live.


The aim of marketing is not just about receiving lots of hits on your website, it should be about getting customers to purchase your products or services. This is the ultimate drive for any marketing effort, which is why landing pages are an ultimate choice.


Are you ready?

Being equipped with these basic principles will help you make your clients happy with higher conversion rates. An estimated 4 out of 10 companies do not use landing pages and therefore the click is directed to a general web page that is not linked to any campaign. The reason for this is simply due to the lack of knowledge on how to make an effective landing page.


Be ready to experiment and make the best use of this application in place to drive sales.


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