Can Mobile Search help in driving In-Store Shopping Experience?

Can Mobile Search help in driving In-Store Shopping Experience?

Even in the presence of scores of online shopping apps and websites, brick-and-mortar shopping has not lost its charm yet. A research says that 61% of shoppers would rather shop with a brand that has online and offline presence than with the brands that has only online presence. 80% of customers want to have their product immediately, so they usually go to shops to buy it directly. However, what has changed since the inception of online shopping is that people still shop in stores but they often do mobile search  before visiting the store, to make sure its worth the trip.


What Shoppers are asking for?

A research shows that 78% of holiday shoppers do shopping after doing a great deal of research through online mobile search before going to a store. On seeing the above trend, that has a mix of both online and offline parameters marketers are compelled to analyse what do shoppers need from online searches, before they visit a store? Let’s answer that question for you.


Through an intense research conducted on shoppers across the world we have come up with the following three parameters.


Inspire the purchase

Usually shoppers turn to online searches before going in case when they don’t know what they are looking for. Here are the statistics to support. Mobile searches for “__Brand” are rising – Ex


  • “sock Brands”- +150%
  • “Men’s Watch Brand”- +70%
  • “Best Purse brands”- +140%
  • “Make-up Brands”- +150%


Another trend that has become popular with mobile searches are- looking up for reviews before visiting the store or making the purchase. Searches on mobile for reviews have increased by more than 35% over the past few years.


Added to reviews are the promotions and coupons searches. Two thirds of consumers use mobile devices to search for promotions, coupons, and lower price offers through the mobile. Providing this information will enhance their total shopping experience.


Last but not the least, a recent study shows that customers gets frustrated when mobile technology mishaps happen, like poor loading time, not enough mobile accessible information etc, compelling them to leave the brand.


Planning the In-Store trip

Half of the mobile searches involving shops would be about the store looking for details like locations, proximities etc. The past couple of years have seen over 150% growth in “__near me” searches. Through this search people find out about store hours, directions, wait times, contact information, product availability etc. Enhancing this information will enhance the customer’s shopping experience too.


Narrowing down the purchase options

Another way to notch up your in-store shopping experience is providing in-store navigations on mobile phones. 66% of shoppers who use mobile search to make purchase decisions prefer mobile apps that lets them to locate any in-store item on an isle level outline of the store. This provides for a convenient shopping experience, making your brand a go-to for all their shopping necessities.


Once the shoppers have homed in on your brand, they search on mobile to make a final decision. Researching on a purchase plan has become the latest trend. Shoppers hunt for best deals. You may think this as the old trick but its not. Research shows that 52% of shoppers think getting deals on their smartphones while shopping inside a store, to be cool and something they would love to have.




People relying on smartphones and mobile phones before the in-store shopping, is a blessing in disguise. How? You get to create the ‘Wow’ factor for your prospective before they could get to step into your store. Hence, make it count. Provide strategic and informed product content in your online presence, to enhance their mobile experience. Providing an enhanced mobile experience could mean the difference between customers coming into the store excited and ready to buy, or leaving frustrated and empty handed.


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