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Did you know that with over 460 million internet users, India is the 2nd largest online market only after China? By 2021, this number is set to touch 635.8 million! We all know how Digital Marketing today is an important and intrinsic part of our lives. From personal to professional use, digital marketing is a playground for individuals to keep themselves updated with what’s happening across the world and for businesses to network with potential clients, thus helping them grow dramatically. With such massive internet population, comes massive opportunities in online advertising for businesses to grow at a rapid rate and individuals to learn the trade and be industry ready!  

We, at the Digital Leadership Institute are dedicated to deliver one of the most hands-on Google AdWords courses where our entire emphasis is on equipping students, working professionals as well as entrepreneurs a simulated experience of the digital world. Every participant will be able to not only learn but network with some of the best Digital minds in the country.

  • Fast track your career, ace Google AdWords. 
  • Practical training along with academic knowledge. Apply theoretical concepts on real world problems.
  • Get certification from Google. Enhance your employability quotient with digital skills.
  • Validated and taught by industry professionals & experts. Learn from the best digital marketing practitioners.
  • Get industry exposure by working on relevant industry case studies. 
  • Gain holistic understanding of the current digital landscape to drive ROI and growth for your business.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Introduction
Importance of Digital Marketing 00:04:00
Know the reasons why you should learn Digital Marketing today.
Google Adwords – Benefits 00:05:00
Know All about Google Adwords : Google Adwords, What & Why?
Section 2: Getting Started
How to Create your AdWords account 00:05:00
Learn how to setup Google Adwords account
Google Adwords Billing & Account Setting 00:05:00
Learn all about setting up Google Adwords Billing.
Google Adwords – Setting up conversion Tracking 00:08:00
Learn how to set up Conversion Tracking to track Ads performance.
Section 3 : Campaigns
Google Adwords – Selecting Campaign Type 00:09:00
Learn about different Google Adwords Campaign types and how to choose them.
Google Adwords – Campaign setting 00:06:00
Learn how to set up the campaign and setting up a new campaign.
Section 4 : Adgroups
Google Adwords – Choosing your Ad Groups 00:06:00
Learn how to setup and group various adgroups.
Google Adwords – Creating your 1st Ad Group 00:10:00
Learn the steps for creating your first adgroup.
Navigating Google Adwords 00:11:00
Learn how to navigate through Google Adwords.
Section 5 : Ads
Writing Quality Ads 00:07:00
Learn how to write a quality Ads to increase your conversions
Section 6 : Keywords
Keywords 00:11:00
Learn about Keyword goals and Bidding Types
Google Adwords – Keyword Match Types 00:12:00
Know what are the different Match types in Adwords & how to create a successful adwords campaign.
Adding Keywords & Changing Bids 00:09:00
In this section learn how to edit bids, add keywords & adjust bids
Finding Keywords with Keyword Planner 00:00:00
Learn how to use Keyword planner & select the right keyword for your Campaign.
Section 7 : Ad Extensions
Ad Extensions in Google AdWords 00:09:00
Learn about Ad extensions & how they help in increase your ads visibility
Setting up Sitelinks & other Ad Extensions 00:11:00
Lean how to setup Sitelinks & different types of Ad Extensions.
Section 8 : Display Ads
Google Adwords – Display Ads 00:15:00
Learn about Google Display ads & types of ads & targeting for maximising ROI.
Creating Display Ad Demo 00:09:00
Learn how to create a display ads & setting for types of display ads.
Section 9 : Video Ads
Google Adwords – Video Ads 00:12:00
Learn about Adwords Video Ads & types of Video ads.
Creating Video Ad: A Demo 00:12:00
Learn how to create Google Video ads & types of video ads.
Section 10 : Shopping Ads
Google Adwords – Shopping Ads 00:11:00
Learn all about Adwords Shopping Ads.
Google AdWords Shopping Ads: Creating A Demo 00:09:00
In this section learn how to crate Shopping ads and its benefits.
Section 11 : Mobile Ads
Google Adwords – Overview Mobile ads 00:10:00
Overview of Adwords Mobile Ads & its benefits.
Mobile Ads Bidding Targeting 00:11:00
Learn how to choose the right Bidding & Targeting Strategy for Mobile ads.
Mobile Ads 00:12:00
Learn how to create successful Mobile Ads & Campaigns & choose the right audience.
Section 12 : Reports
Google Adwords – Types of Reports 00:11:00
Learn the various types of Adwords Reports and choosing the right report for your data.
Adwords Reports – Predefined reports 00:09:00
Learn what are Predefined reports and how to create the reports.
Adwords – Custom reports 00:10:00
What are Adwords Custom Report & how to create them?
Section 13 : Manage Accounts
Manage Adwords Account – Reading the Data 00:12:00
Learn how to measure the performance for your Adwords Campaigns & Ads.
Manage Accounts – A/B Testing Ads 00:09:00
Learn how to do A/B Testing for your Google Ads.
Managing Multiple Adwords Accounts 00:08:00
Learn how to manage multiple accounts & Analyse performance of your ads, MCC account & Adwords Editor.
Manage Adwords Accounts – Negative Keywords 00:13:00
Learn all about Negative Keywords in Google Adwords Campaigns.
Section 14 : Improve Campaigns
Improve Campaign – Linking Analytics to AdWords 00:08:00
Know how to link Adwords account to Analytics
Improve Adwords Campaign – Ways to lower Cost per conversion 00:09:00
Learn how to Maximize returns on Adwords Campaigns & lower CPC.

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