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As a result of both the regulatory regime and the progressively dynamic nature of the legal services business, the workload and complexity of issues encountered by any firm has amplified manifold.

Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to have a comprehensive overview of the legal regulatory environment, the role of compliance professionals, their functions and positions. This course will help you with all details you need to excel in the industry that’s at the core of our economy and of our democracy.

In this course, we are also going to comprehend how intellectual properties function, patents are issued and innovations are protected across industries.

Course Curriculum

Introduction on To Legal Compliance 00:06:00
Different types of entities and it’s formation
Different types of business entities and their formation 00:07:00
How to register you company – document and processes
How To Register Your Company – Documentation & Process 00:06:00
Employment classification
Employment Classification 00:06:00
Contracts and how to draft them
Contracts & How To Draft Them 00:06:00
Labor law basics
Labor Law Basics 00:07:00
Dispute and litigations - handling and management
Dispute and Litigation – Handling and Management 00:06:00
Getting investments - Learn all about different ways and types
Getting Investments – Learn All About Different Ways and Types 00:06:00
Getting investments -How to pitch
How to Pitch 00:00:00
Getting investments - Documents and processes
Investments – Documents and Processes 00:06:00
Trademarks: All You Need To Know 00:07:00
Copyright, Patents, & Trade Secrets
Copyright, Patents and Trade Secrets 00:06:00
What can be patented
What Can Be Patented? 00:00:00
How to align patent with business strategy
How to Align Patent with Business Strategy 00:06:00

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