Embracing Digital Technology for Education- few Tech Tips for Parents

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Embracing Digital Technology for Education- few Tech Tips for Parents


Learning technology is just like any other learning process that involves commitment and consistency. However, education through digital technology has its uniqueness, as the experience of learning differs from one age group to another. For a young child, digital technology comes more naturally when compared to other age groups. This can be mainly attributed to their curious side that encourages them to try new things. For parents, who belong to a different category, they usually feel they are two steps behind, when it comes to their child’s knowledge on digital technology. This is not a good trend, as children should be properly guided both in on-school and off-school environments.


In this modern era, helping children with their school work has its own challenges. Added to the usual school work, parents now have to learn how to teach math problems using iPad or build app for project work. With an increase in the number of schools embracing E learning and Digital technology across online platforms for education, parents are getting overwhelmed with this trend. For involved parents who want to be in sync with their digital-age kids, here are few tips for them to embrace digital education.


1.Being enthusiastic about technology

These days kids get easily excited about tablets, computers, smartphones and other gadgets. It brings them out of their shell and can be used as a good tool for shy students to overcome their initial inhibitions. We are living in a ‘global village’ era and good communications matters the most to strive forward. Gadgets can enhance the communication skills of the students by removing their insecurity.


Hence if you want to overcome your digital insecurity you need to participate in the world of digital along with your child. Talk to other parents and teachers, to know what they do to overcome this. Knowing how they employ technology with their kids and other students can give you a direction to proceed. It may not be surprising that some teachers run blogs where they record and analyse student behaviour in school. Search for these blogs to help you in learning, how to employ digital education in your home. This way you can also get to know about your child’s progress instantly.


2.Treating media as part of your life

Being a parent, you need to ensure that media is working for your principles, family values and parenting style. If employed correctly media can enhance your child’s life. To accomplish this set limits that you expect your child to follow. Observe your child’s offline and online activity and behaviour, it includes what kind of platform he/she spends more time on, what kind of apps, software or websites they are visiting often etc. This can shed light on your child’s digital activity helping you in planning their digital education better.


3.Being Creative

When it comes to using technology with your kids, try to be as creative as you can. Find out innovative ways and means of indulging with them in their digital education. Go beyond advising them regarding the safety aspects of technology. Participate in fun activities. This will create a better bonding with your kids. Using technology as a family to participate in social activities/events will instil moral responsibilities in them thereby helping them to be good digital citizen.


4.Keep it Public

Stop the usage of technology in private, this applies to you and your kids. Don’t allow your kids to use technology in private. Monitoring what your kids are doing with their gadgets or computer will save them from nefarious internet activities. Keep track of their browser history, their friends in facebook and twitter. These days net is getting more dangerous with risky games and malpractices and your kid’s online activity can affect their offline behaviour. Hence keeping track their online activities is a must.




Technology can be a bit scary especially to those got introduced to it late. And when the kids seem more knowledgeable than you at technology then the job of teaching them through digital education can be a difficult and at times a daunting task too. However, the good news is that learning and adapting to technology is not that scary as it seems. At the end of the day you can’t ignore the significance of digital education in your child’s life, hence staying updated in technology can decide their future and yours.


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