Here’s how DLI helped Arvind to become an Entrepreneur?


Here’s how DLI helped Arvind to become an Entrepreneur?

Arvind Mishra had been on the side lines all his life. He was a paan wala assumed to be an inferior when it came to his sense of business acumen. Little did they know that Arvind was not one to be meddled with, he was constantly hungry…hungry to learn, to imbibe, to adapt, to change.


Arvind had joined the family business after dropping out of 6th grade. He was a curious soul but studies was not his cup of tea. He wanted to do something different, expand his business and make a name for himself which most of his friends with white-collar jobs thought was a stupid idea considering he was just a paan wala!


He came across Digital Leadership Institute and enrolled for one of its digital marketing courses. With the freedom to access the course material online anytime and highly qualified mentorship, it didn’t take him long to understand the basics of the Digital world and the future potential.


He took the intensive course of Facebook marketing from DLI and soon made his company Facebook page live.  Now he consistently updates the profile page with new feature updates on the variety of paan they offer, which has brought the company to the limelight as it caters to a very niche audience. Arvind Paanwala, has become one among the tourist locations.


He sponsors ads on Facebook to get more reach. DLI course has equipped Arvind with tricks, which he uses every now and then to reach more people.


With his paan shop going global, he is the talk of the town. His family is happy with the progress he has had and his envy towards white collar jobs is just a thing of the past.


Besides this, Arvind talks about the loyal customers and share their stories as to how they have been coming from ten years to have their favorite paan, which attracts many more people.


Social media could be the ultimate game changer for local businesses, not only in India but anywhere in the world. If local businesses in India can take a leaf out from this story and start building their shops on social media then it would surely benefit them. DLI aims to generate employment by providing education to the ones in need. With comprehensive specialized academic discipline in digital marketing, which would help you stay ahead in the rat race by advancing your career. Our trainers tick the most important checkboxes of expertise & experience.


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