How will India’s Digital Marketing space be in the future?

Digital marketing

How will India’s Digital Marketing space be in the future?

With the on-set of the recent financial budget, it’s the right time to explore India’s digital marketing forecast for the future. Here are few key takeaways.


Global is the new benchmark

With government of India backing digital, it is changing the way in which brands are seen today. Now being digital means being global. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, global reach isn’t complicated anymore. To add more flavour to this trend, marketers and business owners are integrating AI and IoT with the campaigns on these platforms to carter an experience. Thanks to this, even houses on Greenland have Indian Dias glowing in their porch.


The new leadership with digital

With game of business becoming more digital native, leadership in Digital is becoming more predominant. Institutions and universities are introducing a practical-approach-oriented degree courses in digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies are inducting academies as a part of their main stream business, to enhance the leadership skills of their workforce in digital marketing.


Small towns are becoming digital smart towns

Thanks to innovative efforts in terms of infrastructure, grants and much more, from the government side, digital marketing is getting deployed even across small towns and cities. This is not only a good news for upcoming entrepreneurs but also a good medium for government to include these cities and small towns into the digital mediums. As a result of which many startups are launched from remote cities and what not, they get an opportunity to carter to global audience through social media.


Increased engagement rate

Thanks to our masse’s increased involvement with social media platforms, businesses are reaching wider audience through quality content that gets entertained too. This gives a huge opportunity for digital marketers in achieving their goals, and making their job more simplified, if they are knowledgeable enough to approach the right place for the right need.


Mobile devices- the hero of the hour

Thanks to mobile devices becoming a basic necessity, internet users are projected to increase in an exponential level. This increases the playing field of the digital marketers. Also, to indulge their audience many trends like AR/VR are brought into the main foray.

Digital Marketing


Increase in Digital Classifieds

Traditional classified are no longer in trend. Digital seamlessly handles the concern of increasing the traffic for your ad, through various analytical tools and platforms. A research predicts that by 2020 the revenue from digital classifieds is projected to be around 23 billions.

Digital Classifieds


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