Improve your Startup’s Social Media Marketing game. Here are 5 ways

Social Media Marketing

Improve your Startup’s Social Media Marketing game. Here are 5 ways

If you are part of a start-up, for that matter any business, you know there isn’t enough time, money or human resources to go around. One thing which you are not allowed to do is – settle down. There’s something always happening around you offering more than one ways to improvise and improve. Digital marketing doesn’t have to be paid advertising, that’s one avenue, but there is so much more you can do to gain exposure.

With the advent of new social and mobile media platforms, digital capabilities are constantly evolving. If your strategies aren’t evolving too, you could be missing out on a chance to prove your relevance and connect with your consumers. Worse, you could be leaving that market share on the table for your competitors.


In order to lead the curve, you need to continuously challenge your assumptions and remain aggressive in seeking out knowledge.


Here are 5 ways Social Media Marketing you can revamp their game to increase the success of their startup.


1. Use a social media analytics platform.


It’s difficult to know whether or not your social media strategy is working if you don’t have analytics to provide detailed information.

You will find various tools online, to keep track on your consumer behavior which will help you map the call to action for your consumer.


2. Have a clear opinion about topics that matter to your audience.


There are over 800 million social media users on Instagram alone, in total there are over 2 billion people on social media. As a result, networks have become a crowded place. It’s difficult for brands to cut through the noise.

In order to differentiate your social media profiles from others, be sure to develop a clear perspective on the world and make sure that this perspective comes through in the content you share.


3. Test the effectiveness of each platform in your marketing mix.


Simply because a social media platform is popular among some audiences, doesn’t mean it will work for your brand. Test the effectiveness of each social media platform in your marketing mix. Use an all-in-one social media analytics tool to compare performance across platforms.

It may also be the case that some platforms are better at producing one type of result, while other platforms are more effective at producing another type of result. For example, Instagram might be great at generating brand awareness, whereas Facebook may be better suited for generating purchases.


4. Try a social media profile take over.


An inexpensive way to gain access to new audiences is to do an account takeover. Here, two brands simply swap accounts for a short period of time and announce to followers that the swap is happening. This simple social media hack can help start-ups to access audiences in a fast and cost-effective manner.

This method may sound fancy, but you need to find the right partner who you believe in, for this approach to work.


Attend a social media conference to learn new trends.


The social media landscape is constantly changing. One year Snapchat is the darling of social media marketers, and the next year its future is being questioned left and right.

A good way to stay on top of social media trends is by attending a social media conference to learn from influencers and to network with peers. Events like Social Media Marketing World provide attendees with unprecedented information about social media best practices.




Social media marketing has helped a countless number of brands to increase brand awareness and to acquire new customers. Your startup can make the most of social media by focusing on creating a clear and unique voice that appeals to your target audience.


Be sure to invest in an analytics platform to measure performance, and to test a variety of social networks to determine which ones work best.


If you are creative and know how to connect with your target audience you have cracked the code of social marketing.


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