Shravya had lost everything until DLI turned her life around


Shravya had lost everything until DLI turned her life around

After losing her husband and only son to illnesses, Shravya was broken both mentally and financially. Married at a tender age of 14, with no educational qualification, Shravya worked relentlessly in fields to support herself. She had not only lost all hopes, but also due to financial distress, her house to the landlord whom she wasn’t able to pay rent to. Her fighting spirit and her quick learning aptitude kept her going. She knew she had to do something fast before depression, illness and poverty killed her. She came across the platform DLI provided and enrolled herself into a basic digital marketing course


The course offered her knowledge on digital marketing, social media marketing and how she could employ both to reach much larger audiences than she currently was. 


She had been told by one of her friends from the city that 68% of India’s population lives in villages and agriculture is the main source of livelihood for 58% of the population. Digital Agriculture has also been flagged by Narendra Modi as one of the most important ingredients within Digital India that’ll propel India into a superpower. Digital Agriculture education will ensure that agriculture as a profession makes life sustainable and people involved independent. 


A major problem Shravya was facing was with middle men who were eating into the little profit she made. The rising cost of food that has hurt both Indian pockets and politicians’ electoral prospects in the past year is often blamed on a multi-layered system of middlemen involved in the distribution of produce from farm to fork. The several layers of intermediaries, lengthening the supply chain and increasing the opportunity for cartels to form, which in turn has driven prices down for farmers and up for consumers. At the end, she was left with nothing. It wasn’t long before Shravya started using social platforms as learnt in the course to reach potential buyers for the produced crops. The organic farming methodologies she’s employed helped her land the right deals with budding start-ups.


With time and dedication, Shravya was able to take her business to new heights. A little push from DLI had helped her get back her house and lead a healthy life.

She is now helping other farmers get the right worth for the crops they produce and provides them with marketing insights to reach target audiences. Shravya is a shining example amongst the many who have been able to make use of the platform that DLI provides. DLI has been relentlessly working towards creating many such leaders, who have not just pulled themselves up from misery but also helped driven others with them.

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