Social Conscious Marketing is the need of the hour

Social Conscious Marketing

Social Conscious Marketing is the need of the hour

While the marketing field is evolving drastically as we speak, its basic goal has always been the same- customers. To achieve this goal, businesses allocate a separate budget so as to reach them, engage with them and involve them in their products/services to enhance their profits. But at times (more often than less), these attempts fail to achieve its purpose. At this point one usually wonders ‘what is it that the customers really value?’


A research reveals that people irrespective of their background prefer to do business with corporates or brands that has ethnical standards, pro-social message and sustainable manufacturing methods. However, its sad to know that businesses don’t consider developing their strategies around these metrics.


Benefits of Social Conscious Marketing

Often times even in the presence of a dynamic and engaging marketing campaign, people get cynical about the campaign, whether its genuine or not. By crafting a pro-social and ethical business model you can easily stand out among other corporates and brands who are attempting to reach people through their flashy marketing campaigns alone.


It gives you a sense of genuinity in a market filled with fraudsters. When people find out that purchasing from you would support a good cause, they would readily indulge with your product more, as customers like to feel that they are a part of something good. Also, by employing a pro-social platform, you can easily promote brand loyalty, by showing them that you care about your community and your customer base.


Crafting a Social Conscious Marketing Campaign

Before starting a dedicated social conscious marketing campaign, start with the basics- your business. Make sustainable manufacturing methods and ethical business standard as part of your business strategy. Be transparent about these strategies and be outspoken about supporting ethics and sustainability in all your endeavours in your industry. Once this is done, make sure your consumers become a part of your ‘making a difference’ approach.


An easy way is to donate a part of your business profit for a charitable cause. Adopt this strategy to your products, this way while buying your product customers gets to donate in a way that is convenient to them irrespective of the cost. This makes your product to stand better among your customers thereby increasing the brand loyalty.


Selecting the right cause for donation or charity plays a major role. Selecting the right cause that aligns with your brand value and overall mission is important. Selecting it only for a face value or marketing value or based on popularity will showcase your product and your effort as insincere. This will have the negative effect as it might increase suspicion on your products and business practices. By picking the right cause that aligns with your brand goals can safely ensure that you will be attracting the right kind of customers who can potentially become loyal followers of your brand.


If you want to notch it up a bit further, you can encourage your employees to volunteer in your local community. Increase both brand loyalty and employee morale by giving paid time-off to volunteer in local food bank or soup kitchen. Employee volunteer programme is a powerful marketing tool. You can post photos/videos of your employees volunteering for a social cause, this not only has the benefit of acquiring new customers, increasing brand awareness amongst your community and strengthening customer relationships, it also boosts-up the morale in the workplace, by making your employees feel more motivated and loyal to your business.



Being part of a society where in sincere acts of kindness are becoming a rarity, integrating social awareness with your business goals has become the need of the hour. Hardwire it into the fabric of your business through tactics like these to address your socially conscious customers. Don’t look at this as a marketing tool alone but as a long term investment for your business’s sustained prosperity.


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