Video Marketing – Your Business’ Guide To Success In 2018

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Video Marketing – Your Business’ Guide To Success In 2018

A lot is happening in the world of video marketing, for instance, live-streaming will become even bigger in 2018: 82% of consumers prefer live videos over other types of social posts and 65% of those who don’t currently use video, say they plan to start in 2018. Short-lived content, such as videos on Snapchat and Instagram may have narrower reach, but that type of content comes with greater urgency—and so it has huge potential.

What are you going to do differently? What new tools do you want to try? What video techniques would you like to master? Chill, we’ll help you out.


1. Live Video


Live video may not be a new trend but the influence it has will grow at a prodigious pace in 2018. People spend 3x longer watching a video which is life compared to pre-recorded video, showing this new trend is here to stay and rule.


2. 360-degree videos


The 360-degree video is a fairly new technology and was first introduced in 2014. The use of omnidirectional cameras is used in order to grasp a spherical video capture of a space. It may have already been a trend in 2017 with over 86% of businesses using 360 videos as an effective marketing tool, but this technology is set to explode this year. With advancements in tech equipment, 360-degree videos have become less difficult to create.


3. VR Video


Virtual reality still lingers in uncharted territory; the number of active VR users is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018 – keep an eye out for the increase in demand. In 2017 October, Facebook unveiled their new VR headset called Oculus Go. The new gadget has been praised by the digital community to be very user-friendly and has become renowned for being the easiest way for developers to be introduced to VR. Many digital gurus have predicted by the end of 2018, the world of VR users will look very different.


4. Video Mapping


Video Mapping has been around for some time but technological advances have allowed this technique to become more mainstream. It is a powerful technique that comprises of making 3D projections on a flat surface. This is used by a wide variety of businesses from Coca-Cola and the Guinness Factory to the Walt Disney Company in experimental marketing. Use of the innovation has turned out to be popular amongst different brands, but especially amongst start-ups, since it allows for much more well-known commercial or educational messages to be broadcast.


Without a doubt, a video is still the newest trend on the block!

When considering your video marketing strategy in 2018, it is well worth the while to think outside the box when it comes to video distribution. It is no surprise that YouTube is the social network of video, but is now becoming increasingly more important on Facebook with the likes of Facebook Live and Facebook Watch becoming more popular and on demand.

This year, don’t be camera shy! Video is a valuable marketing tool and one that shows no signs of slowing down.


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