When an engineering degree wasn’t enough to land a good job- DLI


When an engineering degree wasn’t enough to land a good job- DLI

Ravi Teja completed civil engineering from one of the less known engineering colleges in Bihar, and he had the degree in hand but not the job he was looking out for. 


Like always the college authorities blamed it on the recession, they were not of any help. Ravi tried everything from cold calling to mailing companies but hardly any of them replied. Even the replies which he got were not positive.


Ravi had nowhere to go. With the piling interest on the education loan, his belief system was being crushed.


“I am willing to work for any salary, still I am unable to find a job in my field of study,” is what despaired Ravi, had to say. Until he came across the platform of Digital leadership Institute (DLI).


With DLI aiming to empower students with expertise in digital marketing and thereby increasing the chances of better employment & career growth.


Ravi indulged himself in the course provided by DLI, he was thrilled by the power of LinkedIn, which was part of the course. It didn’t take him long to update his LinkedIn work profile, i.e. all the projects he had been part of till date. Which put him in the spotlight and also ended up getting him the dream job, he was looking for.


He did realize that day, the tools to excel are readily available, but the one thing which is not available is the platform, which can help you determine these tools, and guide you to use them the right way. DLI was that platform to Ravi.


The main aim of DLI is to make people aware of the available social platforms, which a person can make use to build a brand for themselves or the business they run.  


There are many Ravi’s in India. Of the 15 lakh engineering graduates India produces every year, 20-30% of them do not find jobs, and many others work jobs which are well below their technical qualification. And yet more are compelled to take up jobs which have nothing to do with their education or engineering.


While one-sixth of Indians opt for engineering after finishing schooling, not everyone does it out of choice. The emphasis on taking up engineering as a sure-shot option is engineered largely by parents and the society. Sadly, these parents don’t realize that Indian economy is not growing at the same rate as the number of engineers.


According to research, 97% engineers aspire for a job in IT and core engineering. However, only 18.43% employable in IT & 7.49% in core engineering. 


So, where does the problem lie and is there a solution?


There is a false perception in the society that if one does engineering he/she is a brilliant student and that it is easy to get a job with a fat salary. It is this perception that makes many students opt for engineering. Some know about this even before joining an engineering college but they do not dare to take a decision opposite to custom.


Towards the end of the course, students come to realize the reality and end up accepting any offer that they get, be it a less-paying job in the same field of study, a job in a totally different field, or decide to study further just to escape social and peer pressure.


Another problem also lies in the fact that the quality of engineering education has dropped. A study says that less than one out of four engineering graduates are employable.


25-35% of the engineers are unable to comprehend English usage in basic conversations. Worse still, 25% of the engineers passing out every year are seen as employable by the industry!


DLI is the quality platform for rescue, with its main intention to teach, train, imbibe and help find employment. You will be trained to optimally master the use of a proper blend of technology, social media channels and business concepts for revolutionizing the digital world.

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