Yes! Edutech Games can be a part of Educational Curriculum

Edutech Games

Yes! Edutech Games can be a part of Educational Curriculum

For years educators have struggled with the moto ‘making learning fun’, for which they employed various tactics like simple chemical experiments in class, telescopes in terrace, dissections of frog etc, so that learning process can become more engaging for students.


However, this generation of students expect much more from their schools, teachers and their curriculum. With technology proliferating their lives, they expect the same engagement in their path towards knowledge too. To quench this expectation a new trend has been emerging in the digital education landscape- using games in education. Advancement in Edutech has made it possible in creating gamified educational apps which students engage-in outside their classroom, leading them to expect the same inside the classroom too.


For example, Google recently came up with Grasshopper app, an app that teaches coding for beginners through lessons that consists of puzzles making the topic less intimidating and more engaging.


Education first Entertainment second

The main priority of introducing gamification is ‘education through entertainment’. However, due importance has to be given to education first. An effective edutech game would be the one that has learning dimensions first and value for entertainment the second. Core learning objectives and gamification aspects should be the goals of an Edutech game.


A well-designed learning experience should be carted to players by avoiding reward points for guess-work, and awarding points for their problem-solving abilities. The major advantage of any ed-tech game would be increase in engagement and spark motivation to learn new concepts.


Benefits of Edutech Games

On contrary to the common beliefs of parents, games can provide motivation for children to learn concepts in a practical manner with the necessary hands on experience.


For ex, eclipse equations and graphs which are usually boring can be made interesting by allowing the students to figure out how to use the same equation in a scenario where the character (in a game) has to jump over a huge obstacle.


This way students get to implement the concepts they learn in a practical scenario increasing the retentivity of the concepts. However, designing the curriculum using games that are both entertaining and educational can be challenging but the argument for gamification as a constructive tool in education can not be avoided or ignored.


Edutech Games for building up confidence

The main advantage of game is that its age agnostic. Any person irrespective of their age would want to engage in games. Educators say that the results from collaborative in-class games are undeniable. A research shows that through game-based learning, struggling students started to score more than their usual grades. ed-tech games help in interactive learning and also provides instant analysis of their performance. This way students can track and analyse their performance thereby increasing their confidence.


Edutech Games for enhancing practical problem-solving abilities

In many cases the ‘hard skills’ which students learn these days can become obsolete in 5 to 10 years due to innovations and developments across all spheres. Students have to be taught practical problems solving skills, adaptation to any environment and sustained cycle of learning.


For ex- educating students learning one particular computer language is less helpful than knowing how to approach any problem solving like an engineer. Ed-tech games impart education by enhancing the problem-solving skills of the students.



One of the major advantages of Edutech game is that it provides variety in teaching students how to learn, think and implement the concepts. By providing healthy dose of competitions and satisfaction in beating levels, edutech games encourage students to be creative, engage their curiosity, critical thinking ability and increases their collaborative skills when the game involves team.


In the modern age of fake news, it becomes imperial for students to practise analysing information rather than blindly following instruction. This way students become well equipped for the real world outside their schooling days.


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